Valentine Cover

Valentine b/w Lure

7-Inch 45 RPM Record 1994
Never let reality stand in the way of a really good idea...
  • Written and Produced by Borgia Popes
  • Recorded at ARC Studios, Cincinnati. OH
  • Personae: Tony Darc, Chuck Mire, Rachel Darc, and Toby
  • Mastered: 0.25" 8 track reel to reel to DAT
  • Art: Borgia Popes and AMI-Scamp 386SX
  • Pressing: 7" Singles by Queen City Album
  • Distribution: Mono Cat 7 Records (MC7 008)
  • Limited Edition of 500 with Stereogram cover


6 Song, 23 Minute Cassette 1993
Laserjack * Homewrecker * Fly * Less and Less Yourself * Deadsong * Alien
  • Recorded at Loud and Clear (A.K.A. Loud as Hell) Studios, Cincinnati. OH
  • Produced by Borgia Popes and MoZiZ
  • Personae: Tony Darc, W. Weson Gurley, Rachel Darc, and Toby
  • Master Tapes: 0.25" 8 track reel to reel to DAT
  • Cover Art: VOTF and GCS upon an image by Aubrey Beardsley
  • Pressing: Metal tape duplication by Sonic Sculptures
Jack Cover