MP3 AudioLaserjack

with a ruby red head constant in vacuum
taps to the tarmac in a taunting tattoo
and ten-penney hags in a moralist drag
slow to examine his pointed shoe
perhaps a bit queer but a gentleman still
quick with his poses and flawless in face
he count on the cars down from highgate hill
to queue for an hour of his fluid and grace
jack be nimble jack be quick
laserjack bent to this lovedoll kick
with the military man and the judges son too
trappist pansexual lackey you serve
soddom and gommorah had nothing on you
who grind on the pavement to sharpen your nerve
jack jack jack jack
and synthemaid subdebs are taking you in
watch from the limo you like painted shark
a more likely suspect there never has been
with break neck boot heel spring you make your mark
jack be nimble jack be quick
laserjack meant for this gunball trick